June 19, 2020

6 Key Features of the Welby Health Mobile App

Carrie French
June 19, 2020
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We started Welby with a single mission in mind, to help patients take a more active role in their heath by keeping them educated and engaged. We also know the only way to do that is to make sure that we do not break, but strengthen the connection to their physician, and make it easier for them to help the patients on their journey. We think that we have accomplished some of those goals with our software platform that helps physicians and patients by creating automated care plans for patients with simple and incremental care recommendations and being able to capture all that data about how patients are performing in their plan, and summarizing and sharing back with their primary care provider. Here at Welby health, we are committed to creating a centralized healthcare platform that will improve patient and doctor connection more than ever before, using the convenience of technology and telemedicine.

If you want to know more about our app or why you should use it for your diabetic patients, here are a few key attributes of our Welby Health mobile app:

  1. Remote Management of Sensitive Health Problems: If you are a person living with diabetes or high blood pressure, then you know that your health battle is something that occurs every single day. You need to stay on top of your health if you want to ensure longevity, which can be incredibly problematic for doctors who are trying to achieve better quality outcomes for their patients. It is hard to meet quality measures, when you are at the mercy of what your patients decide to go do when they are outside the four walls of your office. With our app, both patients and providers have a real time view into their key vital measures and stats, so that any issues can be addressed in real time.
  2. Simplified Healthcare: Every healthcare worker knows how complex these systems can get, detracting from providing quality care. We wanted to simplify things with Welby Health, which is why we’ve simplified everything from medication reminders to appointment scheduling and follow up. Our platform was set up in a way that will make sense to everyone so you can get on with your day. Take the day to day work of patient compliance off your plate and let us do the heavy lifting. We can automate reminders and engagement questions to your patients and only involve your clinical staff when automated tools just don’t cut it.
  3. Smart Chat Function: Our app comes with a smart chat function for patients to interact with, so they can eliminate the time it takes to schedule and reschedule appointments. They can also check on basic health questions right in the app without having to wait on hold and use up your precious resources. This will make it easier than ever before for your medical office to do their jobs as well. Out integrated chat and video tools allow practices to now bill for new reimbursable codes for both telemedicine and eConsults.
  4. Multiple-System Flexibility: The Welby platform is extremely flexible and can connect with multiple physician systems. We can deploy the product in your office in under 24 hours with a simple web based platform, and yet we are flexible enough to also integrate directly into your existing EMR systems. You can access information on your patients from anywhere, with access via web, mobile or tablet for both patients and physicians. You can learn about more ways to leverage Welby if you reach out to our team today.
  5. Customized Care Plans and Reminders: For patients, Welby Health makes it easy to measure your overall health goals and progress. Welby creates a custom patient profile with recommendations tailed to the way that each individual is most likely to achieve success, and creates a customized care plan that they follow, tracking your results so you can plan for your next steps. Patients can then share these plans and results with their doctor through the app.
  6. Remote Monitoring: Welby Health connects with patients through devices like Apple Watch, FitBit, and other devices so you can collect biometric data on your patients without engaging your staff. This makes it easier for you to track your patients, as well as work with them to customize long-term health plans. By letting Welby gather this data for your practice, physicians will now be able to bill payors like Medicare for remote patient monitoring simply by sharing the data collected with the physician through our online portal or EMR.

Welby Health

Our app was made to simplify healthcare for both providers, as well as patients today. There is nothing more important than your health, which is why we think this kind of sensitive information should be instantly accessible through your phone. We are encouraging everyone to download our telemedicine mobile app today.

Carrie French
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

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