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Transitional Care Management

Support your patients beyond hospital discharge
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The Importance of Remote Patient Monitoring

Maintaining a high level of care can be challenging when you have limited patient visibility outside of the office. This often results in the progression of problems that could have been resolved with earlier intervention.

At Welby, we use cellular medical devices to monitor your patients for you in between office visits, and we notify you of any problems that arise. As a result, you can act on real-time biometric data to improve patient outcomes, and your patients, consequently, receive an improved quality of care.
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Health Monitoring

Comprehensive Health Management Solutions for Chronic Conditions

Personalized care for chronic disease management involves developing individualized care plans that consider the unique needs of each patient and can lead to better health outcomes and improved quality of life.
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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Monitor the blood pressure levels of your patients to ensure that they are compliant with medications and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.
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Weight Loss Support

Help your patients achieve their weight loss goals by connecting them with a clinical care team that can work on nutritional counseling.
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CHF Management

Monitor both weight and heart health to get a comprehensive view of your patients trying to manage CHF.
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Blood Sugar Tracking

Get a real-time view of patient blood sugar with our connected devices that are easy for your patients to use. Allow them to track their performance and set their own goals.

Why Deploy Remote Patient Monitoring?

This is why you should deploy Remote Patient Monitoring ASAP:

Welby Will Monitor Your Patients For You

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How it works

Additional Features

Welby Health's virtual care services are beneficial for managing various chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, CFH, COPD, and obesity. Our platform offers remote monitoring, medication management, lifestyle counseling, and other services to improve patient outcomes.
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Track multiple conditions

Track multiple medical conditions by monitoring blood pressure for hypertension, pulse oximetry for COPD and COVID-19, glucose for diabetes, and weight for obesity and CHF. This helps individuals manage their conditions and make informed decisions with their healthcare providers.

Cellular devices shipped directly to your patients

Cellular devices shipped directly to your patients: This service allows medical devices, such as glucose monitors or blood pressure cuffs, to be shipped directly to patients' homes. This is convenient for patients who may have difficulty traveling to a medical facility or clinic.

Easy to use and no IT resources needed

Easy to use and no IT resources needed: The devices provided are easy to use, and patients do not need to have any technical knowledge or IT resources to operate them. This makes it accessible for individuals of all ages and technical backgrounds.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant: HIPAA compliance ensures that all patient data and information is kept secure and confidential. This is an essential requirement for any healthcare service, and this service ensures that patient privacy is maintained.

No-cost signup

No-cost signup: This service does not require any signup or registration fees. This makes it accessible for patients who may not have the financial means to pay for additional medical services.

Real-time Medicare eligibility

Real-time Medicare eligibility: The service offers real-time Medicare eligibility verification, which ensures that patients have access to the appropriate medical equipment covered under their Medicare plan. This allows patients to receive the care they need, without any unnecessary delays or complications.

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