February 1, 2022

Welby Health Appoints Spencer Hutchins, CEO and Founder of Concert Health to Advisory Board

Hannah Smith
February 1, 2022
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As Welby Health Sets High Sights on Incredible Growth for 2022 and Beyond, They Welcome Hutchins’ Unparalleled Expertise and Insight to Change the Face of Healthcare

(Carlsbad, CA) - For the human body to thrive and function properly, each of its parts has specific jobs to accomplish but must work collaboratively as a singly unit to create a truly well-oiled machine. This same sentiment applies to businesses facing the challenges of a dynamic economy, a new digital landscape, a global pandemic, and everything in between. When it comes to modern healthcare, there has never been a more pressing time for companies to step up, work together, and find solutions for the millions of Americans managing chronic conditions in a time where face-to-face care is limited. One cutting-edge health technology company is taking great strides to improve its business body, functions, oversight, and initiatives by welcoming industry experts to its esteemed board of directors.

Welby Health, an industry-leading health technology company focused on delivering proactive population health management, is proud to announce the appointment of Spencer Hutchins to their advisory board. Founder and CEO of Concert Health, Hutchins is trailblazing a new standard of care through the Collaborative Care model, an evidence-based model for treating depression and anxiety in primary care settings. Equipped with Concert’s expert clinicians and robust technology platform, physicians are empowered to deliver high-quality behavioral health care that improves clinical outcomes.

Hutchins is bullish about the partnership. “I have known the Welby founding team since it was just an idea, and am ecstatic to play a small role in helping them support patients and primary care practices”

Alum of Colby College (BA in Economics and Government) and Yale (MBA, Strategy), Hutchins has dedicated his impressive career to uncovering groundbreaking solutions in healthcare and IT to advocate for a better patient experience, clinical outcomes, and streamlined process for providers everywhere. In 2009, Hutchins helped found and build the first healthcare team at the FCC while helping direct an industry-wide and inter-governmental stakeholder process to identify legislative and regulatory obstacles for Health IT adoption, including extensive collaboration with ONC, FDA, CMS & OSTP concerning streamlining regulations of the converging telecommunications and medical device industries.

As the Founder and CEO of Concert Health and Reflexion Health, Hutchins has certainly made his mark on the Greater San Diego Area and beyond as a leader and respected innovator whose vision and determination have helped change the face of modern healthcare.

Aligned with the Welby Health ethos and vision, Hutchins will play an integral role in expanding the reach of the revolutionary WelbyCare platform, designed to empower healthcare providers to extend their area of care beyond the confines of an office and improve overall patient care for those suffering from chronic conditions. “We could not be happier about Spencer’s decision to join our advisory board. His experience in delivering products and services to help physicians improve outcomes for their patients will be invaluable as we work to optimize our clinical model at Welby,” says Welby Health’s CEO, Seth Merritt.

To learn more about Welby Health, please visit: https://www.welby.care/

To learn more about Spencer Hutchins, please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sphutchins/

About Welby Health

Welby Health is an innovative health technology company focused on delivering proactive population health management using dedicated nurse case managers, evidence-based care plans, and advanced remote technology. Founded in 2021 by Seth Merritt, Dr. Taib Rawi, and Dr. Christopher Keown, Welby’s products and services enhance the ability of healthcare providers to optimize the care they offer in today’s dynamic, challenging healthcare environment while reducing the total cost of care. The WelbyCare platform empowers physicians to extend their area of care beyond the confines of an office and monitor patients with greater insight and precision.

Website: https://www.welby.care/  

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Hannah Smith
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

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